Which casino games does Michael Jordan play?

Michael Jordan is regarded as basketball’s greatest player ever. He won 6 NBA championships (more than anyone else) and was named NBA Finals MVP five times. What would he say about his favourite casino games?  Below are some of the games that he plays.

Video Poker

Michael Jordan likes video poker. “If you are lucky enough to get three or four red cards in a row, then you win big,” he says. And with a game like Double Jackpot, it is easy to see why. When you combine an ace-king hand with two jacks on the flop, you’re looking at a guaranteed payout of $3,000 per hand. So if you’re playing online, there’s no better way to make some extra cash!


The ultimate game of chance where skill meets luck, blackjack can be played by up to eight players against a dealer who must beat their hands without going over 21 points. The rules are simple: each player receives two cards face down, one from the dealer and another card ‘up’ from their deck. These cards will never exceed nine, so any bet placed above the minimums in the table pays off with interest. As long as you don’t go over 21, you’ll always be ahead of the dealer. But if the dealer goes over 21, then your entire wager is lost. Blackjack is one of Jordan’s favourite games.


He plays Roulette too. This is also known as just roulette because there are just 36 different combinations of numbers and colours available on the wheel. It may seem like a random draw, but there are many strategies involved in how you play the odds. You might be thinking… what makes the difference between the casinos that pay out more and those that offer less? 


Baccarat is the simplest of all casino table games. There is no bluffing or betting – just a straight bet on whether the next number drawn from the shoe will be higher or lower than 9. Because of its simplicity, baccarat is great for beginners and seasoned players alike hence it is one of the games that Jordan enjoys playing.


 Michael Jordan plays Craps online. This is a dice game invented during the 1800s, craps are similar to other games such as Monopoly and Yahtzee, however, craps are much faster and simpler to learn. Before playing, ensure that you know the roll right through to 11. A shooter stands 2 feet away from the edge of the table while a dice roller positions itself beyond them. Once the dice are thrown, they land on the table along with point values. Points range from 1 to 11 depending on the value shown on the face of the die. After rolling, the shooter rolls again until they come to the same number as the first roll or reach 11. This signifies that the round is over, and the croupier hits the pass button. 


In terms of action, slots are fun thanks to the free spins feature. Here players spin the reels hoping for matching symbols to appear on the third reel (the one with the highest-paying symbol). To do well, though, you need to practice. By understanding when to stop and double dip, you’ll rack up huge wins and become a slot machine legend. Slots are also part of Jordan’s casino games collection.


Jordan plays Keno. You have probably seen these signs posted around shopping malls and casinos everywhere telling you that keno is a game of chance. Well, maybe a little bit of strategy too! Keno is all about picking the best possible combination of numbers. Each number corresponds to a certain amount – from 2 up to 75. When you have picked the correct numbers, you line up all the matches to win prizes. However, be careful of scratch-off lottery tickets – some online versions are simply numbers rather than pictures! 


Jordan plays bingo too. Bingo is played for cash prizes or “bingo jackpots”. A player buys in by paying an entry fee and receives a card showing numbers called through a random selection process. The player then looks at his/her card and places a token over any winning combination (a square, star, etc.) that he/she has won. Usually, there is no limit as to how many tokens may be placed on a game; thus, anyone who plays bingo and gets more than one token across is entitled to split the winnings amongst themselves. For example, if someone wins five squares they would receive five tokens. Each token corresponds to the value of $5. In most jurisdictions, bingo players keep their winnings, but in some countries


As much as he is an athlete Michael Jordan loves playing casino games. He plays them for both money and fun too. Online casino games add some relaxation to gamblers and they offer a safe and convenient way of playing them.