Tips on how to become the best Basketball player

Basketball is an Olympic sport, but it is also very popular around the globe. While the game itself is not complicated, mastering it takes years of practice. If you want to play well at your next pickup game, follow these basic rules.

Ball control 

When playing basketball, ball control is probably more important than anything else. Players who have great ball control can do things like dribble between defenders or create space for their teammates. Good players will use this skill to get past the other team and score, while terrible ones will be forced into mistakes that hurt their team. Learn how to control the ball by practising dribbling drills with a partner and working on developing the “feel” of the ball in your hands.


Most basketball games are won or lost through passing, so if you are going to shoot baskets, you should make sure you know how to pass too. You will learn from watching videos online, but try getting some pointers from professional players as well. A good passing drill involves having one person stand near the basket and another on the opposite side. The first person throws the ball towards the second guy, who catches it and throws it back towards the original thrower. Repeat until both people can catch the ball without touching each other.


Shooting is one of the most difficult aspects of basketball. It requires a lot of coordination and mental focus, which makes it perfect for video games. However, real-life shooting is not quite that simple. The biggest problem facing beginners is that they tend to shoot before they have mastered the proper form. That means their shots go wide of the rim, and even miss entirely! To avoid making rookie mistakes, ask someone experienced to show you what you need to do right. For example, you might watch them take free throws during halftime or ask for advice after a particularly bad shot attempt.


 Although scoring is certainly important, defence is just as vital when it comes to winning basketball games. This rule doesn’t apply to every situation, but it does for pickup games. If you do not know what to do when guarding a teammate, ask them for advice. They may not always remember what to do, especially if they haven’t played much recently, but you’ll still benefit from their knowledge. Also, if you find yourself being dominated by the other team, stop trying to score points and start defending instead. Your goal shouldn’t be to force turnovers; rather, your job is to hold onto the ball and prevent opponents from scoring. Focus on defence first, then worry about offence later.


Rebounding is arguably the easiest aspect of the game to master. Grabbing rebounds is usually only necessary when there’s no way to score otherwise (like in one-on-one situations), and players who know how to rebound can often help their teams win. Even though it seems easy, rebounding can be hard to learn. Watch videos online to see what techniques experts use to keep the ball away from their bodies, and work on those moves to improve your ability.


Being part of a team is essential to winning any sport. Basketball requires teamwork because you play against other people, which means you need to understand how you can support your teammates. Ask others for ideas on how to improve your skills and pay attention to the suggestions you receive.


Basketball strategy differs depending on whether you are playing competitively or casually. Competitive players focus on tactics like offensive and defensive schemes, while casual players care more about having fun and enjoying themselves. Regardless of which type of gameplay you prefer, don’t underestimate the importance of thinking strategically. Try asking a friend for input on possible plays early in the game.


Do not forget about nutrition when playing basketball. You won’t have time to eat during practice sessions, so make sure you stay hydrated. Keep healthy snacks nearby to ensure you don’t get hungry mid-game. When it comes to meal timing, try eating meals 3 hours before you begin practising.


 The last step in mastering basketball is practising. This is where you perfect your moves and strategies, so spend plenty of time doing so. You should never skip practice time, even if you feel you don’t need to. Regular practice will boost your skill level significantly and allow you to take advantage of all of these tips.


 Finally, once you’ve perfected all the steps, you’ll be ready to put everything into action during actual games! Now that you know how to become a better basketball player, enjoy the game and share with friends.  To add on, you can play basketball slots and enjoy the winnings and bonuses.