The Jordan Brand

The Jordan Brand refers to anything owned, designed and produced by Michael Jordan. Although the Jordan Brand is sold under the Nike title, the brand has become an entity in and of itself. However, the Jordan Brand isn’t just about designing clothing and footwear; it’s also become almost as well known for the charitable efforts. Today, the brand supports causes and campaigns across the United States and throughout the rest of the world, while the Jordan Brand continues to go from strength to strength.

One of Nike’s most popular subsidiaries, Air Jordan remains in high-demand internationally, with many stores opened with exclusive Air Jordan stock. The label has more recently moved into high-end street and sportswear, with new lines and collections released each and every year.

Michael Jordan and the Jordan Brand are both known for generous donations to charitable organizations. Jordan himself has been known to make personal donations in the regions of millions’ of dollars, supporting projects across the United States and worldwide. Jordan has been known to focus on charities and campaigns for younger people.

One of his biggest successes was the founding of the James Jordan Boys and Girls Club, opened for public use after raising donations in excess of $7 million. The centre promotes sporting activities and development opportunities for children of all ages from across the country.

Working with Nike, Michael Jordan also raised a great deal of money in the redevelopment of gyms for communities across the company, helping drive sporting success in local neighbourhoods. He also personally donated half a million to help New Orleans rebuild after the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina. Today, the Jordan Brand and Michael Jordan himself are celebrated as some of the biggest philanthropists based in the United States with millions of dollars’ of donations supporting important organisations and causes.

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