Scandals and Rumours

Beyond the basketball court, Michael Jordan’s also earned himself something of a reputation as a legendary gambler. His successes, and less than successful gambling ventures, have become infamous. Stories of Jordan’s passion for gambling began circulating during the early 1990s.

During the 92 Olympics, Jordan and a good deal of the US basketball team reportedly spent many evenings idling away their time in the casinos of host city Barcelona, even on nights before games.

These late starts didn’t seem to hold back Jordan and his colleagues though, the US team would go on to quash all the competition and walk away with the gold that year. Jordan has been known to harbour an appetite for gambling in almost any form. A fan of prop bets, the basketball legend has been known to offer bets on just about everything, including the best online gambling sites, but he’s also been known to tweak the odds in his favour.

After encouraging teammates into betting on the outcome of a baggage conveyor belt, a bet he won. A baggage handler later came forward to admit Jordan had bribed him into fiddling the order of the luggage on the belt. Controversy continued to follow Jordan off the court. His marriage, and subsequent divorce to wife Juanita Jordan, ultimately cost the basketball player upwards of $165 million.

The pair were originally married in the late 1980s, not long after Jordan had begun his career with the NBA. Although the pair married without signing a pre-nuptial agreement, that was subsequently rectified with a tweaked agreement several months into their marriage. Their marriage would last almost twenty years, before divorce reared its ugly head. Although Juanita might have been hoping to secure half of Jordan’s fortune, a settlement was reached that saw the soon to be ex-wife walk away with around 30% of Jordan’s total worth.

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