History Marking Michael Jordan Moments

He is definitely the basketball GOAT and this explains why he has managed to feature in a number of online casino games. Michael was selected by the Chicago Bulls in 1984 and quickly became the league’s most popular player.  The player had a 51.5 percent shooting, and he scored 28.2 points per game. Rookie of the Year was awarded to him. He also generated an infinite amount of big plays and rapidly established himself as a household brand. Here are some history marking moments we think you should know about the legend, Michael Jordan.

His First Ever Title

Throughout his initial years, Michael was able to lead the Chicago Bulls until the final appearance. But, they would repeatedly be defeated by Eastern Conference powerhouses like the Boston Celtics and Detroit Pistons. The Bulls seem to have been finally able to defeat the feared Pistons and go to the NBA Finals thanks to the advent coming of Scottie Pippen and Horace Grant. After the Pistons’ obstacle was removed, they defeated the older Los Angeles Lakers and won their first championship in team history. Please visit best usa casino sites  and make money online.

The Early Retirement

Horror hit the Jordan family during the offseason. Michael Jordan’s father, James Jordan, was brutally murdered in his vehicle. Daniel Green and Larry Martin Demery, the perpetrators, were subsequently apprehended and sentenced to life. His choice to resign was influenced by the incident. Jordan stunned the world by retiring at the age of 30 on October 6, 1993.  This shocked a lot of his basketball fans. But, they still managed to catch up with him at baseball. Yes, the player decided that he was better enough playing baseball instead of basketball. However, the player later came back to basketball and even better and stronger than before.

Air Jordan

Air Jordan’s fame originated the moment he walked onto an NBA floor. Dunks and aerobatic maneuvers characteristic of “Doctor J” Julius Erving were performed for the audience. This would only be natural for him to compete in the Slam Dunk Contest. His initial attempt, in 1985, was a flop, as he was defeated by Dominique Wilkins (aka The Human Highlight Reel). He would attempt again in 1987, barely defeating a youthful Jerome Kersey. He got his vengeance on Wilkins the subsequent year, winning the event with his legendary slam from the free throws. You can make money by visiting best NZ online casino.

The Craig Ehlo Shot

There is no doubt that the Bulls were a stronger team once Scottie Pippen and Horace Grant arrived. But, they were still not one of the League’s best. But, they eventually did now that they had one of the greatest basketball legends, Michael Jordan, on their team. The Cleveland Cavaliers were quickly becoming the NBA’s top team under the leadership of   Mark Price, Brad Daugherty, and Larry Nance.  They came in third in the East, whereas the Bulls were just sixth.

And, the two teams managed to bump into each other during the 1989 playoffs, the two clubs faced. Despite being a lower seed, the Bulls were able to keep the series tight. Following four games, the tournament was knotted at 2-2. However, game 5 played for all the medals. Craig Ehlo and Larry Nance anticipated Jordan’s last shot and attempted to prevent it. Jordan scored the game-winning shot by floating above the free-throw line.

The Dunking King

It is no doubt that Jordan was the dunk master. The player was well known for some of the coolest dunks in basketball with some of them being done over people. But, not only could he dunk on people, was always one of the best jump shooters in the industry. Of course, he did have rivals who thought that they could be better! One of the biggest rivalries was Clyde Dexler (Who was also known as The Glide).

And, to shut down the claims that Dexler could be better than him, Jordan did the unthinkable. HE made three six-pointers and not only did it lead to a landslide victory for his team, but he did it all in the first half of the match. The player then went on to drive the point that he was trying to make at home by turning to the broadcasting screen and shrugging on the third shot.

The Mount Matombo Dunk

Dikembe Matombo is one of the biggest players to ever grace the basketball court (hence the name nickname Mount Matombo). The player was one of the best defenders in the league back in the 20th century. HE could easily block the shot of the competition and put them back in their place by giving them a little wagging finger after the block. The defender made the mistake of challenging Michael Jordan by reminding him that he had never dunked on him. So, what did Jordan do? He went on to dunk on the player.  We are sure that Mount Matombo new not to challenge the legend after that.