Michael Jordan’s Top Commercials

Michael Jordan, a big name in the basketball arena, but also a prominent figure in the world of advertising. His 6 second trip to the dunk has earned him a big name in the basketball field and the commercial field.

Advertising executives have used Michael Jordan in many ads, creating big brand loyalty along the way. Well, Jordan is not only well-tailored in terms of basketball, but his charismatic, well-polished, and lavish lifestyle leaves a lot to be desired.

Fame reached Zenith in the ’90s and with the sharp rise of fame and fortune, it was pretty obvious that Michael Jordan would brace our television screens as a commercial excite. You talk of Nike, Gatorade, McDonald’s, and Chevrolet, these have been represented by the god of basketball.

The list goes on and on, but these were just a pick from the wholesome. People were used to this Jordan who dribbled past his opponents, a Jordan who wanted nothing more than scoring 3 pointers and 2 pointers, but commercials were something else.

The Last Dance, an audible documentary for basketballs great is our point of source as we reach out for the greatest commercials ever.

Fanatics and Jordan followers had a chance to view the new Jordan, one who loved product publicity. He drastically changed into an ad guru. A celebrity from Chicago Bulls was now the dominant bull in the world of advertising.

Well, we can go on and on raising high Jordan’s name but let us look at some of the hard-hitting and exceptional commercials from the best product ever to be produced from a basketball court.

Be Like Mike (Gatorade), 1991

The funny part about this whole concept is that Gatorade was almost, and we mean almost looked like it never existed but come 1991, everyone was humming and singing along.

Disney was too demanding because, from the start, songs like “I Wanna Be Like You” from the famous Jungle Book were expensive. ESPN clearly states that Disney wanted something tangible if Gatorade was to use the track in the ad.

There are many fantastic moments from the ad, from Jordan switching hands for a layup to the beauty of the play. The stunt became famous, kids loved it, and emulations went viral. The jingle was a perfect choice and if the Disney piece was to be used, the commercial would have had flopped. It was all a puzzle, fitting well with the theme and the characters available.

The Showdown (McDonald’s), 1993

Who doesn’t love McDonald’s? Everyone loves McDonald’s but with Jordan in the mix, it all becomes fantastic. Jordan assumes a retired Larry Bird character, excited about the game of H-O-R-S-E.

It’s all Big Mac and fries as the game progresses. It was a hilarious ad as the loser has to watch the winner eat out McDonald’s special treat without dunking. The fine combination of basketball and McDonald’s tradition was on point.

Difficult shots are traded while Jordan puts greasy food on the map. 1993 was an exceptional year for Jordan and the McDonalds family. Not only did the commercial add value to McDonald’s treats but its market share boomed.

Well, it’s rather a flaw from McDonald’s in 2010 as they tried to replicate Jordan’s piece. The combination of Howard and James was fruitless but luckily they learned something from Jordan.

23 vs. 39 (Gatorade), 2003

Let us give you a sneak pick into Jordan’s career. At the age of 23, Jordan had already scored 37.1 points per game, a rising record. It was a record chasing Wilt Chamberlain.

Come 39 years, he actually played a memorable game against Washington Wizards. A night tailored by 20 points. Well, with that being said, imagine the 23-year-old Jordan squaring off with a 39-year-old Jordan. You would ask for more as Harlem Globetrotter Kevin Daley comes in with a body double.

To keep to young Jordan’s flashy display, Old Jordan has to prove that his guile is expandable. Gatorade has never been fun.

Is It the Shoes? (Nike), 1991

Going back to 1991, Jordan hits the screen with his exceptional display of Nike. Is it the shoes? It is the ultimate theme in the commercial theme. Check out how Mars Blackmon gets attached to Michael Jordan Nike shoes.

Being one of the lovers, she is caught up in the frenzy of appreciating and wanting more of Jordan’s Nike-labeled shoes. The best comes when Mars probes Jordan on either the shoes make him exceptional or not. Eight times he asks but Jordan denies, “It’s not”.

Banned (Nike), 1985

It’s a theatrical entrance into one of the best Nike-based commercials in history. Very revolutionary because as the camera focuses on Jordan’s body, a quizzical voice saying, “On Sept. 15, Nike created a revolutionary new basketball shoe. On Oct. 18, the NBA threw them out of the game, fortunately, the NBA can’t stop you from wearing them,” grabs the attention of viewers.

The shoes have become a symbol of Jordan’s fantastic career. The red and black kicks that have stylish designs were much more for the then young and vibrant Jordan. In the preseason game, Jordan wore the Nike Air Ship model, an unexpected turn from the usual Air Jordan.