Times Michael Jordan Was A Complete Bad Boy!

He is totally the world’s favorite basketball player and we definitely LOVE wearing the Jordan shoe collection. There is even more to Michael Jordan than online casino sites games and shoes. Jordan isn’t afraid to express himself or get in someone’s face along with his intensely competitive nature. He’s also not hesitant to take the risky route if it leads to success. Unsurprisingly, there is a slew of amusing tales from fellow players detailing just how nasty Jordan was rumored to be. But, we have to say that there is a little bit of humor to it as well.

Michael Jordan the Cheat

This is an instance that solidifies the fact that Jordan is indeed a bay and you will always have to be careful around him! The clearest and most blatant example of Michael Jordan protecting his bad-boy image occurred off the court. Nevertheless, it happened at North Carolina teammate Buzz Peterson’s house.

The tale goes as follows: Peterson calls Michael Jordan on to enjoy a game of poker with his mom. There is no money involved; it is just a basic, pleasant game. Once the elderly lady rises to use the restroom, Peterson notices Jordan attempting to deceive an OLD lady. What a low Blow Mike!

The Fall of Muggsy Bogues

We all face criticism at some point right? And in this case, was Muggsy Bogues just trying to find an excuse about why he wasn’t performing well in the court. Jordan didn’t forget to leave his imprint in the Bulls’ first-round matchup against the Charlotte Hornets in 1995, following his widely anticipated return to the NBA. Jordan was defending Muggsy Bogues at the time. The Bulls Former assistant coach even went on to confirm the event.

Muggsy had the ball with the Hornets down one on the major shot of the visit. ‘Shoot it, you f***ing midget,’ Jordan said as he backed away. Muggsy shot it but didn’t get near. Muggsy notified Johnny Bach a year afterward that he thinks that single play destroyed his reputation. His shot was never regained, and Bogues’ career began to wane the next year. But, why did he have to wait for a year to tell someone? Was this him just trying to get away with murder? We will leave you to make the conclusion on this one.

 The Kwame Brown Story

Sometimes we do not really take criticism well! A simple act of love can be seen as the worst treatment as being insanely mean. Kwame Brown has established himself as one of the most infamous NBA draft busts of all time. He is one of many young bright phenomes who failed to live up to their hype. The management team who picked him, on the other hand, did not assist his predicament as a Washington Wizard.

Jordan was more a tormentor than a mentor as a leader. Jordan chastised a number of Washington teammates, but he singled out 2nd forward Kwame Brown as the golden boy. According to a source, Jordan made Brown cry in front of the squad on a regular basis. According to the story, Jordan used insults at Kwame Brown, particularly homophobic slurs. Again, this may just be an excuse to try and justify failure.  Was it really as bad, or Michael was just trying to help him become a better player?

 Finally, Someone to Stand Up To Him

Jordan always seemed to have this Tough persona around him and maybe all this could be attributed to how he grows up.  At some point, he also got to have a clash with one of the biggest names in basketball history, Robert Parish. But, this time around, Jordan found a player who was just as tough as he was. Robert Parish was a proven leader as one of the “Big Three” in the Boston Celtics’ dynasty of the 1980s, with Larry Bird and Kevin McHale. At the time, the seven-foot center, known as “The Chief,” had won numerous titles and was well-liked by his teammates. Parish was a member of Jordan’s second three-peat-winning Chicago Bulls in 1996-97. Apparently, the two had a fallout, but the player managed to stand up to Jordan and the player never bothered him again. So, maybe it was just an issue of trying to create some sense of dominance.

The Chamillionaire Fall Out

Jordan was all about his money. Rapper Chamillionaire had the chance to meet his champion, Michael Jordan, he wanted a picture with him. Jordan did not just ignore him, and he also ridiculed him and treated him badly. The basketball player told the rapper that he would take a picture with him if the rapper bought one of his Jersey for $15000.  This hurt the rapper’s feelings and he never saw Jordan as his hero since.