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Since his early heyday with the Chicago Bulls, to his Olympic wins in the 1990s, Michael Jordan has remained a legend of basketball and continues to pave the way in footwear innovation with his best-selling Nike Air Jordan brand. We’re passionate about promoting everything Jordan does, including his philanthropic and charitable efforts they’ve helped hundreds of thousands worldwide.

At, we’ve brought together all the essential information you need to know about the basketball stalwart, helping you sift out the rumours from reality, while learning a little more about the man you already thought you knew so much about. We’ve bags of brand new information too, helping you keep up to date with your NBA favourite.

With an extensive playing career and an ever more lucrative design career with footwear giant Nike, Michael Jordan has enjoyed one of the most successful careers of any sportsman. Learn a little about the history of this premier player and savvy businessman, his impressive array of awards, and some of the more unbelievable stories and statistics behind this legendary sportsman.

At Jordans Infrared, we’re huge fans of Michael Jordan and want this NBA legend to be celebrated as he should be. Check back regularly for the latest updates on Air Jordan activities and the lowdown on what the Jordan Brand is up to. Feel like supporting the same charitable causes as Jordan himself? We’ll keep you posted on how the basketball giant is continuing to help a good cause, and how you can join in and help make a difference too.

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