How to Clean Jordan 1 Sneakers like the Real Sneakerhead You Are

Its part of appreciating your sneakers to keep them looking “Deadstock” at all times. In fact, maintaining the cleanliness and freshness of your sneakers is almost as crucial as possessing them. Therefore, you really need to know how to care for your kicks and how to clean Jordans, as well as other footwear like Yeezys, properly.

You might have spent real money just like at online casinos,  as well as your time on some of the precious Jordan 1 sneakers. And you will not even try to risk them in the laundry machine. Therefore, we are going to share with you some of the best ways of cleaning your pair of sneakers and look nice.

What You’ll Need!

You may or may not have purchased a Sneaker Cleaning Kit, but cleaning your sneakers with one is highly recommended. They are usually designed to give you the best outcomes without sacrificing the quality of your shoes’ substance or color. Most of stuff you will need to clean your kicks is provided in most high-quality kits. We recommend utilizing the SneakerAid shoe cleaning kit because it comes with everything you need.

On that note, here is what you need if you want to rock your sneakers spick and span.

  • Shoe Cleaning Serum
  • Soft Brush
  • Hard Brush
  • Clean & Dry Cloth
  • In addition, your shoes. Obviously!

Adding to that you might also need to use a toothbrush to clean the smaller cracks and crannies that are in the insole.

How to Clean Jordans 1 Shoelaces

Shoelaces can be hand-washed or washed in the washing machine. If you choose to clean your shoes in the machine, keep your shoelaces in a laundry mesh bag or a pillowcase. You won’t get them tangled or lose them in the sock-eating blackhole this way.

White Shoelaces

  • With your hands or a scrub brush, remove any loose dirt or filth from the laces. With a little scrubbing, dry dirt or mud can be easily removed.
  • Add a gallon of water (about 3.8 L) and 3 tablespoons of bleach to a clean bucket or sink. Not any longer!
  • Put the laces in a small mesh wash bag and soak in the cleaning solution for a few minutes to avoid tangling.
  • Using a spoon or a spatula, stir or agitate the laces in the solution.
  • Place the laces in the washing machine while they are still in the bag. Wash them in hot water with detergent and 1/2 cup bleach.
  • Allow the shoelaces to air dry. Never use a dryer to dry your clothes. Never.

Colored Shoelaces

  • With your hands or a scrub brush, remove any loose dirt or filth from the laces. With a little scrubbing, dried-on dirt or mud may be removed rather simply.
  • Add water and a tiny amount of liquid soap to a clean bucket or sink.
  • Allow the laces to soak in the soapy solution for several minutes. Then, to replicate the movement of a washing machine, mix the laces in the solution. Not as quickly as you might think.

Cleaning the Insoles

Cleaning the insoles of Jordans and sneakers in general is an important component of learning how to clean them. Insoles stink from dirt, muck, dust, grass, and other contaminants. Sweaty feet, low-quality socks, or poor cleaning habits can all contribute to this.

Because most insoles are removable, cleaning them is a breeze. However, because they are usually constructed of synthetic materials and foam, it is critical that they do not get too wet.

In most circumstances, soap and water will suffice to clean your sneakers’ insoles. Sneaker cleaning kits, on the other hand, normally include a cleaning serum that will provide you with better and longer-lasting results.

How to Clean Your Jordans’ Uppers

Cleaning the uppers of your Jordans is the most critical aspect of cleaning them! You cannot even flex in a pair of crusty-ass Jordans! What good is a Jordan if you cannot flip or flex in it? After all, no one will notice your clean insoles if your uppers look like this.

What you’ll need

  • A small bowl
  • Cool water
  • Diluted liquid dish soap, or sneaker cleaning Serum
  • A couple of clean and dry cloths
  • Microfiber cloths work best
  • A soft shoe cleaning brush. An old toothbrush can also do.

How to clean Jordans with Leather Uppers

  • In a small bowl half-filled with cool water, dilute a little amount of sneaker cleaning serum.
  • Clean the soles with a stiff brush. Dip the brush in the shoe cleaning solution and use it to clean your shoes.
  • Begin by brushing back and forth along the whole length of the soles. Any surface debris should be removed as a result of this movement.
  • Apply some of the cleaning concoctions to the brush you just used, and then ash it clean.
  • Brushing more thoroughly is required now to clear out the cracks
  • You can use an old hard toothbrush to clean tiny or dirty crannies.