Business Interests

Although he’s been off the basketball court for years, Michael Jordan still remains one of the most successful athletes of all time. The Jordan brand is booming, thanks to savvy investments and brand partnerships he’s turned his hand to over the years. From Hanes and MacDonalds, to the Nike Jordan brand he’s synonymous for, a constant stream of successes has ensured Jordan has amounted a wealth that has dwarfed the total earnings of his basketball career.

Ever since his playing days, he’s been making smart investments and decisions every step of the way, from partnerships and spokesperson roles with global companies, to taking ownership of sports companies and other outfits. He became one of the first black billionaires during the 1990s, and with the Jordan Air brand a continuing success, it’s unlikely he’ll be dropping out of the billionaire hall of fame anytime soon.

During his time as a basketball player, it’s estimated that earned something in the region of $90 million. Today however, Michael Jordan enjoys a net worth of something in the region of $1.1 billion. Much of this income comes from his ownership of the Charlotte Hornets, an NBA team, although there’s other lucrative strands if income that are keeping him in the billionaire club.

His partnership with Nike and ownership of Jordan Air cemented his financial standing, with his brand shifting billions of dollars’ worth of shoes for Nike, earning him a cool $100 million pay check from the footwear giant. It looks as though his net worth with soar even further soon, with projected Nike sales of over $4 billion before 2020. If Jordan manages to pocket further bonuses from his fashion and apparel employer in this time, he’ll be able to see his total worth sky-rocket even further, with project profits of tens of million.

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