Biggest NBA Shoe Deals for League’s Superstars

A superstar deserves to wear superstar shoes. Nike has been the Lord of Superstar NBA deals. Many celebrities, from the great Michael Jordan to Cobby Bryant, have turned out a superstar leaf from long-going deals.

Nike is not only a label but a glue between the fans and the players/superstars. A massive brand that increasingly creates a huge revenue background. Lucrative deals have been made from the start of the Basketball revolution in the 90s to the current age of modern basketball.

Fantastic brands that are attached to big names of basketball have a huge influence on the way people adopt Nike products. These deals have and continue to leave big amounts of cash in their pockets, a move that is seen as a second source of income.

Take note, most of the figures and names are courtesy of ESPN, one of the best basketball hubs.

Now, let us look at some of the exceptional deals ever made so far.

Dwyane Wade – Li-Ning

With a deal figuring $12 million a year, his signature now features in 8 iterations on the middle of the shoe. Overseas, it has become a symbol and sporting mark. A strong relationship has continued to grow between Li-Ning and Wade. Wade joins C.J. McCollum, Evan Turner, and Michael Carter-Williams in this Li-Ning movement. Please visit real money online pokies and make cash online.

Giannis Antetokounmpo – NIKE

The formidable voyage of Antetokounmpo’s career in Europe attracted a lot of Nike’s attention. He is a workaholic in the field and his prowess wanted some Nike backup. He was the first European-born player to grab a Nike deal that spread its signature.

Luka Doncic – Jordan

Yes, the Doncic deal remains anonymous in some aspects because the exact value is still to be unveiled. Reports from CNBC indicate that the figure was seven numbered and the deal was for 5 years. This is one of the prolonged deals and Nike movements on the board.

Jayson Tatum – Jordan

Labeled ‘A Dream Come True,’ by Tatum, this Jordan deal was an exceptional way to spend most of his career. He grew up as a Jordan fanatic and it was something amazing to wear his icon. Unfortunately, the exact value of the deal is still unclear.

Klay Thompson – Anta

Yes, the Warriors guard is a recognizable force in the Warriors team sheet but it was high time that Thompson wore some fantastic Anta shoes. NBA playing games became fantastic all of a sudden for Thompson considering the deal clinch.

Kawhi Leonard – New Balance

New Balance has its fair share of the labels market in the NBA and Leonard is also part and parcel of the family. It was a matter of choice for Kawhi who went on to let go of a $20/million Nike deal to select his new acquisition from New Balance.

It was a significant move from Leonard who said that the Nike deal was not broad enough for him, looking at what he had achieved in his career so far. In terms of marketing his career, Leonard still managed to come to normal terms with Nike.

Nike had been his family for a very long time and he was not going to let go of them just like that. According to ABC, the figure is more than the Nike deal. A recent sports apparel case had affected The Clippers regularly and this new endorsement with New Balance was a move in the right direction.

Damian Lillard – Adidas

In statistical terms, Lillard’s endorsement was the best non-Jordan/Nike deal ever to be produced so far Betting. 2019 was a merry-making year for Lillard whose ranking shifted greatly due to this new contract.

Joel Embiid – Under Armour

Yes, we can say that Embiid’s contract with Under Armour was another delve into another sports label but on money terms, it was not that lucrative. At a time when he was holding the best most paid center, he hit rock bottom with his Under Armour deal.

Check Nick DePaula’s stats on ESPN. On the Forbes list of the most paid athletes, Embiid was 60th, a wonderful position for a center-positioned basketball player.

Draymond Green – Converse

Like most of the current endorsements, Green’s exact cash amount was hidden. We are still unaware of the exact longevity of the contract but partial stats indicate that it was good for the player.

Brand marketing for converse hit the sky and they actually made good runs for the business. Converse had been there in the mix but it had been affected by big giants, I think we all know those goliaths. DePaula has it all on ESPN.

Donovan Mitchell – Adidas

Mitchell is one of the most beautiful talents to hit the NBA, and Adidas actually made a run for the talent who claimed his first signature shoe deal. It was written off as a multi-million deal, this is according to ESPN.

Sabrina Ionescu – Nike

Nike has been there and it is still there to stay. Ionescu is one of the best deals ever to be produced by Nike. She is a great talent from college women’s basketball and her deal broke the scene in early 2020.Visit our website for more information.