Top 5 basketball teams in 2021

With players like Michael Jordan popular for playing the game, basketball is one of those sports that is loved worldwide. Prestigious tournaments like the NBA are the defining moments of the best teams in the whole world.

A couple of names comes into mind when you think of basketball. However, it’s not everyone that gets to the final of these various tournaments. Chicago Bulls is one of those teams that you can’t miss at the top list of the best basketball teams.

Chicago bulls

Established in 1995 the team has world records that precede its reputation. Having won the championship 72 times with the best record of 105,2 in a game they are surely the best in the world.

Since its establishment, the team has had the best players including the famous Michael Jordan, Derrick Rose, Dennis Rodman and Scottie Pippen.

This team has proven to bear the top of all the other teams. They have participated in every season and d manage to come out tops with a record of 72 nbs titles to the name.

Some of the best players came from the Chicago Bulls. We talk of the famous Michael Jordan.

Dennis Rodman, Scott Pippen and Toni Kukoc are some of the players to ever play for the Chicago Bulls.

Los Angeles lakers

The legend Kobe Bryant is one of the famous is on f the players who also played for this team. The team holds records. When they defeated the Orlando magic 65-17 they made history. Above all the team has participated in the NBA finals several times.

The retirement of some of the best payers that were playing for the team resulted in a period of downfall for the Los Angeles Lakers. However, the team managed to get back in the game by winning nine games.

The period of 2016 to 2017 was the turning point for the team. with magic Johnson taking over as the president of the team he managed to secure the famous LeBron James.

It just seemed like the days of glory for the team are over. In 2018 the teams’ players who were involved in the helicopter crash inc, lauded Kobe Bryant. The coming in of a covid-19 the following year all sports activities were suspended.

Golden state warriors

This is one of the greatest teams of all times. with the coming in of Kevin Durant the team has had the greatest time of all times in all date, the team has 5 championships to its name.

Also, it has one basketball association of America tilted to its name. They broke the record when they surpassed the Chicago Bulls record of 72 wins by winning 73 games. By securing the player Kevin Durant the team hooped for the better having suffered a defeat from the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA finals.

In the last season, the team suffered a lot with the most treasured players suffering from injuries that of Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson.

Boston Celtics

Founded by Walter brown in 1946 this is one of the best basketball teams in the world. It is also one of the oldest teams that are still running today.

The team under the guidance of several coaches such as Red Auerbach has 17 NBA championships top name. Some of its popular players include Larry Bird and Bill Russel.

Just like any other team, the Boston Celtics have faced several challenges in the past. However, the team is one that slo0s has participated in several tournaments in basketball.

They have not only participated but they have won as well. Currently, they boast of 17 NBA and also 21 conference title. Also, they have 22 division titled which just goes to prove that they are also one of the best basketball team,s in the world.

Houston rockets

Formerly known a the san Diego Rockets the team is now known as the Houston Rockets. Founded in 1971.from the time the team, was established they did not make much of an impression for a good team after losing 43 games.

As a way to boost their games, they have to manage to get players like Dwight Howard and James harden. also with the coming in of Chris Paul the team is now on the list of one of the best basketball teams.

This is a result of their outstanding performance during the 2017-18 season. To date, the team has 2 NBAs and 4 western conferences titles to its name.

There is never any other moment that is the best for basketball players than the time they win the NBA championship, the teams above have proven that they are the best. Looking at the statistics of the NBA title they have to their names. Also, you can notice the popular names that they have as part of their team players.