Top 10 basketball courts in the world

In the world of sports, there is a lot that goes on. Talk about the different sporting activities you can take part in. from football, online casino games, tennis, and basketball included among many others. All the magic of scores happens in the courts when it comes to basketball there are two different couts. The outdoor courts as well as the indoor courts.

Outdoor courts

Venice beach

Located in Los Angeles this od one of the amazing courts you can choose to play a game. With such beautiful scenery that California offers you will surely enjoy spending some time at the beach court.

The famous Dwight Howard and Blake Griffin have taken part in several tournaments that were held at this court.

Even to date, the court IS used for other high school leagues as well. Furthermore, some of the most popular movies were shot at this court, that is the American History X and White Men can jump.

Macgregor park

Located in Texas Houston, this is one of the courts that groomed the popular names we know today. With a roof on its top, the court is the safest place to play in summer.

This was home to Moses Malone as well as Dale Thompson. It’s also the same court where Most Malone and Hakeem Olajuwon play just as friends. Make extra cash by visiting new casino sites.

Dyckman park

Also located in New York city specifically in Washington heights. This is one o the best basketball courts to play at.

This is the ground where a couple of division matches are played. When not in use for tournaments popular players like Kevin Durant are known to visit the court a lot.

Taguig tenement basketball court

With the design of the image of Kobe and Gianna Bryant on it, this is a must-visit court. Located in Manila this is one of the beautiful places in the world when it comes to basketball.

The image is a tribute to them following the tragic helicopter accident which claimed their lives. Players like LeBron James and Jordan Clarkson have visited the place.

Jackson park basketball court

It no surprise that this is a basketball court also located in Chicago. Chicago is just the home of basketball.

Also, most famous players come from Chicago. The court is also known as the cages. In addition, it is the home court of Kendall gill.

Indoor courts

Ted garden

Located in Boston this is one of the best indoor courts for basketball. This is where the Boston Celtics won one of their first NBA championships under the leadership of Bill Russel.

In the game of basketball, especially when playing using an indoor court the most important part of the court is the floors. The floors at ted garden are known for their hardness.

The Boston Celtics are always winning the championships if they are being played here. The advantage is that they are used to the court. Quite a few people made extra money here best australia online. casino

United centre

This is the court that you will fun in Chicago. The home of the Chicago Bulls. It’s also popularly known to be the home of some of the famous basketball players that is Michael Jordan as well as Derrick Rose.

Michael Jordan is one of the players in history to have brought 7 titles to the united centre.

Madison square garden

Situated in manhattan in new your the country is one of the best courts in the world of football. It’s where most of the prestigious tournaments in basketball are held.

To add to its glory this is the very same spot in which Michael Jordan rose to fame after scoring 55 points.

Also, the likes Kobe Bryant and Stephen Curry have had memorable games on this court. currently, the greatest score to have been reached at this court is the 62 scores recorded by Carmelo in January this year.

 Staples centre

This is also one of the venues for basketball. Located in Los Angeles the court hosts a lot of the famous games that have made history in the world.

It’s also home to the team Los Angeles lakers. If you are looking for a place to enjoy basketball try the Staples Centre in Los Angles you won’t be disappointed. You can also  make exta cash by visiting here best usa real money online casino.

Basketball hall of fame Chicago

Located in Massachusetts the court has 800.000 square for the facility. If you want to enjoy the best basketball game in such amazing scenery this is the place for you.

It does not only offer the service of a basketball frame to allow but there are other resources found within it.

There are so many basketball arenas that you can choose from. These are just but a few of some of the best courts found in the world, however, it’s no secret that most of them are located in Chicago. That explains why most of the famous basketball players hail from there.